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  • How do you trap cats?
    I bought a humane wild animal trap from Home Depot. I cover it with a towel and line it with newspaper. I set it in an area where there are ferals and leave it open with wet food inside. Hungry strays go in for a meal, the trap shuts, and I bring them to the vet!
  • What are the ornaments made of?
    I buy laser cut wood shapes off Amazon and decorate them with glitter glue.
  • How does my purchase help?
    It costs close to $200 to trap, feed, fix, vaccinate, flea treat, and release each cat. ALL the money I receive from the purchase of these ornaments is saved. Once I have $200 I go out with my trap and get another cat. I use my own savings as well but on my own I can only afford to trap 6 cats a year. WITH YOUR HELP I can help so many more!
  • Can I donate?
    YES! Please visit my GoFundMe :
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